BastiIle - KILLER
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So you want to be free
To live your life the way you want to be…

Twenty One Pilots - House Of Gold
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Twenty One Pilots - House Of Gold

Kings Of Leon - Comeback Story
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Picking up the pieces of the world I know / With one in the fire and one in the snow / It’s a comeback story of a lifetime

Kings of Leon - Comeback Story

Friendly Fires - Skeleton Boy
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Skeleton Boy - Friendly Fires
Your love is out
But even despite it all
Give me your hand
Let’s face this night
And see it through

Mad At Gravity - Say It
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For all the times that I apologized / With humbled head and weeping sighs / I find the times I tried to hold the lie / With sweaty palms and knuckles white

Mad at Gravity - Say It

Madeon - Pop Culture
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pop culture | madeon

 - Ed Sheeran - SING [Official Audio]
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the-rider-mixtapes this is for you! I was going to submit this, but it doesn’t seem to let me submit audio? I had to spend half an hour chasing down this version, I wasn’t going to put you through all that.

May I present, the Julius Grief song.

Mikky Ekko - Who Are You, Really?
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Who Are You, Really? - Mikky Ekko

Panic at the Disco!, fun. - C'mon
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I feel like this is a song/partnership that people didn’t talk about nearly enough

and that might be because it came out a little before We Are Young and was totally/completely eclipsed by that release